Memory Cotton Carpet

Memory Cotton Carpet

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1. The surface is made of soft and comfortable coral fleece, non-slip latex bottom, and memory foam lining. The viscoelastic sponge is different from other bathroom carpets in that it is easier to clean and can be shaped according to your personal body shape, so it More comfortable and soft.
2. Our viscoelastic foam pad has a non-slip lining, which increases safety on hard (and possibly wet) surfaces.
3. The rubber lining helps prevent the mat from slipping.
4. Soft touch, high-quality appearance enhances the taste of your room
5. Anti-mildew, non-slip support, strong water absorption
6. More comfortable, softer and more elastic
7. Easy to clean and fast drying

Product information:
Material: coral flannel, encrypted type A sponge, non-slip cloth
Thickness: thickened white bottom 1.6 cm, glue bottom 1 cm
Scope of application: living room, dining room, bedroom, bedside, study, corridor, etc.
Bottom description: environmental protection, non-slip bottom
Features: It reflects the different styles of modern furniture in pure colors, and is a relatively affordable product among household carpets.
Advantages: latex non-slip backing, A-type encrypted sponge, the sponge is hard and elastic, so that the carpet does not curl, and the carpet is close to the ground (the elderly and children are not easy to fall), the suede does not shed hair, the material is environmentally friendly, the hand feels soft, and the water absorption performance Okay, it’s fast, it should be reasonable.

40x60cm, 50x80cm

Packing list:
1 x bath mat


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