Absorbent Thickened Cotton Towel With Hand Gift

Absorbent Thickened Cotton Towel With Hand Gift

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Product information:

Material:Pure cotton
Yarn specification:32 shares
Production technology:Jacquard, plain weave
Gram weight:100g (inclusive) -120g (exclusive)
Color:0500-dark blue, 0500-light coffee, 0500-dark coffee, 0630-blue, beige, Coffee, 0512-blue, 0512-coffee, gray, 0318-light blue, 0318-coffee, 0318-dark blue, 0510-pink, 0510-khaki, 0501-Brick red, 0501-Milky white,0501 – Turmeric, 0477-khaki, 0477-Light powder, 0477-gray, 0744-yellow, 0744-blue, 0744-orange
Specification (Length * width cm):34 * 75

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